We were introduced to Casey and his team to initially help us with a difficult decision regarding the way forward for our final salary pension scheme. The level of underlying technical detail acquired by TFP coupled with the in depth understanding of our future requirements all presented with the appropriate amount of caution have enabled us to confidently make what we believe is the right decision.

All of the team are very amenable, friendly and quick to respond to any queries making for all engagements to be a great mix of competent and relaxing and we are looking forward to building a long term relationship with Casey and his team going forward. Mr & Mrs D, Essex.


Casey has been our financial advisor for two years and has provided and efficient service. His financial advice has enabled us to rationalise our portfolio into a much more manageable number of investments. He has taken the time to be clear about our requirements in terms of the medium and long term approach to investments. He has presented the different options towards our investments clearly and concisely and has been able to present data based evidence to support his recommendations.
Mr J Summers, Retired, Maldon.


Casey explains the options in a simple to understand way, cutting out the jargon. Having given information to you he allows time for you to digest it and then tests your understanding of what he has explained and additionally that he fully understood your long term objectives. He doesn't rush you into quick decisions about the choices open to you.
Mr D Evans, IT Specialist, Maldon.


My wife and I have found Casey's attention to detail and knowledge in this investment field to be pretty much second-to-none! Combined with a very good grasp of Central Governments proposed taxation & pensions initiatives over the coming year, his advice has been absolutely essential in our future financial planning.
Mr G White, Reinsurance Controller, Colchester.


Your advice and the visibility that the lifestyle financial planning program provides helps me enormously as I start to plan ahead for this year, I really think you are onto a winner with this type of approach with clients. I’m certainly prepared to work with this approach and put more data into the modelling as required. Your testimonials from people at a similar age to myself and approaching making major lifestyle decisions are really reassuring both in terms of their thoughts but equally the absolute trust they have placed in you and your company.
Mr P Cook, Enterprise Channel Manager, Oxford.


Despite working in the derivative markets for over 35 years, getting to grips with my retirement options as I approach 55 was a bit daunting. I made a few calls to insurance companies myself and found I was getting passed around departments by overstretched admin departments and not making much progress in clarifying my situation. I was very lucky in finding Casey Mills at TFP , he set out my current arrangements with updated valuations and invaluable policy specific information that only a professional would know to uncover. All this information was set against the background of the new pensions flexibility and the various tax pitfalls. I think it’s fair to say that with the new flexibility, policyholder requests for information has risen exponentially and admin departments at Insurance companies and trustees are struggling to keep up ,and as such you may not get all the relevant information you need. Without Caseys outstanding professionalism and incredible tenacity , I would not have the full picture and probably a lot less flexibility. No hesitation at all in recommending Casey and TFP.
Mr A Betts, Wickham Bishops.


"Early retirement or career downscaling had increasingly occupied our thoughts but we were uncertain if our pension arrangements and investments would sustain our lifestyle. With life changing decisions to make we consulted Casey Mills looking for answers and guidance. He analysed our finances in a highly professional and diligent manner and then spent plenty of time with us presenting the results of the various scenarios he'd modelled at our request. All of our questions were answered and the conclusions were explained with clarity and insight. A highly effective Lifestyle Financial Planning service backed with Casey's sound analysis and technical knowledge has given us the confidence to make some very big decisions.
Mr P Claydon, Project Manager, Essex


"He is very communicative and easy to talk to. He understands my attitude to risk and keeps me informed on a regular basis on how my portfolio is doing. He looks after my portfolio very well and it has grown steadily since he has been looking after it. I am very happy with him and would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Nigel Sealey, Senior Operations Analyst, London


"Outstanding professionalism. Really gave confidence that Ian (and Casey)'s advice and recommendations were best for us, not for them. Good clear demonstration and illustration of realistic 'what if's'.
Mr T Howard & Mrs L Skau, Engineers, Latchingdon


"I have known Ian Jones personally for several years, Ian has been looking after my investments now for approximately 12 months and in that period my investments have in my opinion outperformed the market and my own expectations. Ian has always offered excellent and comprehensive advice in a professional and ethical manner backed up with comprehensive documentation and paperwork. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for financial advice as in my opinion his expertise within the Financial Sector is second to none."
Andrew, Group Managing Director - Lennox House Group of Companies, Sussex


"I have had the pleasure of working with Ian Jones of the Financial Practice for a number of years. I have found him helpful and he has complete knowledge and understanding. I have also recommended friends to this company and I understand that they are also very pleased with the way in which there investments were handled."
Lou, Business Owner - Personal Gourmet, Wellingborough


"Advice received in relation to financial planning, pensions and investment management, including risk management and assessment of overall financial expectations. Known and dealt with The Financial Practice since returning to UK after overseas posting in 1993 and the experience has been exemplary. Professional, unbiased and supportive. Risk assessment and financial goals clearly outlined and understood. I would absolutely recommend The Financial Practice."
Garry Taylor - Director International Sales, Colchester


"I was looking for a professional advisor to help sort through my business and personal financial matters. Casey Mills did so in a very professional and transparent manor. I am extremely pleased with the many proposals that he put forward. This has enabled me to get my personal and business affairs into good order. In addition should anything happen to me, my wife and family will be able to sort things out in relative ease."
Mr Richard Tarrant, Business Owners, Trading Spaces Ltd


"I have been using Mr. Ian Jones of the Financial Practice Ltd. for investment advice regarding my pension for the last 4 years. As, no doubt, everyone is aware the previous 4 years have been some of the most challenging times in the investment market that most people can remember. However, throughout those years I have seen good sustained growth in my savings.

In all my dealings with Mr Jones I have found him to be honest, straight forward and above all able to explain his recommendations in terms that are easily understandable, unlike my previous advisors. Also he attends to business in a prompt and effcient manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services and those of the Financial Practice Ltd to anyone."
Mr R C Grain, Business Owner, Peterborough


"Once Casey is in command of one's financial details he is able to discuss many variables to suit the needs of that person. He is confident and articulate in explaining how various policies can be used for ones benifit and is an extremely likeable person."
Kevin McEnteggart, Contracts Director, Essex


"Understood my personal requirements and presented a few options for me to choose from. Went the extra mile to find the right solution. Face to face meetings held, products and services were presented well and explained coherently making it easier to understand in order to make the right decision."
Chris Hoult, IT Release Manager, Essex


"He understood my personal situation (marriage separation) and related very well for my need s for myself and children in the future years. Explained all risks and possible reward during pension and investment planning whist understanding the levels of security needed."
Ken Moss, Business Development Manager, Essex


"Casey always gives clear advice and explanations to any questions I ask. With the budget changes regarding pensions, Casey arrived at my home fully able to explain and advise on all the points I wanted to clarify and I was able to plan ahead on the advice he gave. I always receive, by post, a written summary of all we discussed. Casey listens to our hopes and plans and advises accordingly. Excellent service. "
Peter Smith, Retired, Chelmsford


"Presents a professional approach and instils confidence. Has given advice that has improved the performance of our funds. Clearly explains the rationalle for his recommendations, provides clear information with respect to charges, etc."
Don Simpson, Retired, Essex


" Very knowledgeable and client orientated. There to advise and will not sell a product without making sure its what is wanted and needed. Good with ideas within the finance field. Very highly recommendable. Provides information in a direct, simple and understandable form with regular reports on the status of investments."
Ron Smith, Legal Consultant, Essex


"He is a very pleasant person and comminicates well in a way that I can understand. He will always explain details of options available to me and goes into good detail regarding the positive, negatives and benifits of each product. Most of all he listens to understand what I want for the future."
Karen Saunders, Manager, Southend-on-sea


"Casey Mills very quickly grasped the concept of our requirement and put forward positive potential scenarios which developed the concepts into working models. These clearly demonstrated how we could achieve our goals. Working through and clearly explaining the pros and cons of the various options gave us absolute confidence in choosing the option that best suited our requirements. In my business life i have consulted with both my accountants and bank on a number of financial planning issues and neither achieved giving me the confidence to move forward with them - and that did leave me with a negative view of 'financial advisors'. I am pleased to say that feeling has changed to a positive largely due to the relationship that has developed with Casey Mills and his team. Straight forward qualities of listening and understanding and backed by the knowledge to advise and achieve a given plan is what i expect and i have finally found a colleague that can deliver. No doubts in forwarding my recommendations."
Mark Adlington, Director, Braintree


"Casey explains clearly what he is trying to achieve for me and what aspects of my financial future I need to consider.
David Gilbert, Head of Planning & Projects, Essex


"Casey presented the products in a way that could be understood, and he gave us good vibes that helped in a relaxing way when you are trying to plan your future. He made us feel happy to continue working with him in the future."
Stephen Brown, Managing Director, Essex



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