10 of the best family board games to enjoy this Christmas

Published on December 14, 2020 by TFP Team Category: News

The festive season is nearly upon us and what Christmas would be complete without a few rounds of board games on Boxing Day with your family?

If you’re looking to keep the family entertained this holiday without resorting to screens, board games can be a great choice. Read on for ten of the best family board games to look out for this Christmas.

1. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

If you want to introduce your kids to Trivial Pursuit, but they aren’t old enough to know some of the more difficult questions, then look no further.

The Trivial Pursuit Family Edition is a perfect choice of board game for children and adults alike this Christmas. With all the fun of the classic game but with enough child-friendly questions to keep your kids engaged until the very end, your family are sure to love it.

Buy it from the Argos website.

2. Einstein Eats Eggs

This high-speed guessing game is a bit like charades, pitting teams of players against each other to guess as many alliterative sentences as they can in 90 seconds. The winning team is the one to reach the end with as many phrases in the bag as they can.

Buy it from the Clarendon Games website.

3. How To Rob A Bank

This bank heist board game involves one player as the bank and the others as bank robbers. The robbers have to plan their heist, trick the bank guards, and steal the cash whilst the bank tries to stop them.

If you’re interested, you can buy it on the Amazon website.

4. Cauldron Quest

A lot of board games can end in arguments, especially when you have young and competitive kids. If you want to be sure to avoid tantrums and the stamping of feet this Christmas, you might like Cauldron Quest.

This game brings everyone together to help thwart the evil that’s threatening the kingdom. Whilst it doesn’t have a clear winner, Cauldron Quest can be a great way of teaching your kids collaboration, communication skills, and problem-solving.

You can buy it on the Amazon website.

5. Chess

The hit Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit has seen the popularity of this classic board game rocket in recent weeks. Online marketplace eBay told This is Money that there was a 273% increase in searches for chess sets just ten days after the show first aired.

If you have a budding Beth Harmon in your family, chess can be a great way to while away an afternoon. So, dust off your old set – it’s cool again!

There’s a great selection of sets at the Jaques London website.

6. Exploding Kittens

A newer parlour game that your family are sure to enjoy this Christmas is Exploding Kittens. One of the most-funded projects in Kickstarter history, Exploding Kittens describes itself as a ‘kitty powered version of Russian roulette’ and it’s exactly that.

Each player takes turns to draw a card from the deck and, if you draw the exploding kitten, the game ends and you lose. Since the kitten lurks somewhere in the deck like a ticking time-bomb, the game involves tricking your fellow players into picking up more cards whilst trying not to draw any yourself.

You can buy it from the Exploding Kittens website.

7. Codenames

Codenames is a game about spying and, unlike many other games, there is no limit on the number of people who can play it. The game pits two teams against each other to find secret agents from a grid of 25 cards, each with a single word written on it.

Each team has a spymaster who knows where the agents are and must guide their team into choosing the right cards whilst thwarting their opponents.

Buy it from the John Lewis website.

8. Pandemic

In 2020, this classic board game has never seemed more appropriate, or inappropriate, depending on where you stand.

Pandemic involves the players fighting against the board rather than each other. The players will have to work together to curb the spread of four epidemics whilst simultaneously searching for a cure.

The game helps to promote cooperation and teamwork as your whole family will have to work together to save the world.

You can buy it from the Amazon website.

9. Disney’s Villainous

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll love their Villainous board game. This board game gives you a chance to play as several classic Disney villains, from Captain Hook to Jafar, and fulfil your evil schemes.

Since Disney released it in 2018, the game has proved so popular that it’s also warranted three expansions, so there’s plenty to keep you busy this Christmas.

You can buy it here from the Waterstones website.

10. Essex Monopoly

For many of us here at TFP, Monopoly is a staple Christmas board game. That’s why, this year, the final recommendation on our list is Essex Monopoly.

A fun take on the game we all know and love, you can invest in houses and hotels across Essex and trade your way to success. Come and tour all the sights of the county, such as Mountfitchet Castle and Chelmsford’s County Ground. Don’t forget to stop off at Southend Pier!

You can buy your copy of Essex Monopoly from the Winning Moves website.

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