Category: Retirement

8 pension mistakes that could affect your retirement

Published on March 15, 2021 by TFP Team Category: News & Retirement

Saving for retirement should be part of your financial plan and can help you secure the lifestyle you’re looking forward to. But watch out for these eight pension mistakes, which could ruin your plans. 1. Putting off paying into a pension The sooner you start paying into a pension regularly, the better. Throughout your career,

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3 handy and practical tips to help you communicate your retirement

Published on March 4, 2021 by TFP Team Category: News & Retirement

Retiring is one of life’s big steps. It can be an important and emotional moment for you, your colleagues, and your family as you step away from an often-long career into the next phase of your life. One of the common conversations we have with clients concerns how best to communicate the news of their

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Have you prepared emotionally for retirement?

Published on January 12, 2021 by TFP Team Category: News & Personal development & Retirement

Have you started preparing for retirement yet? If you’re nearing this milestone you may have contemplated whether your pension will be enough and how you’ll create an income. It’s often the financial side of retirement that people focus on. It’s understandable why. Retirement is a big change to your income. But the lifestyle and emotional

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Why life expectancy matters when planning your retirement

Published on December 9, 2020 by TFP Team Category: News & Retirement

When you’re looking forward to retirement, working out your life expectancy may not be something that’s on your mind. Instead, you’re likely to be planning how you’ll spend your time now you’ve reached the milestone. But life expectancy is an important part of retirement planning. Life expectancy is rising. And while pension age has increased

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