Taking you from where you are to where you want to be

Our client journey is a collaborative and bespoke process, tailored perfectly to your needs and circumstances.

Below we have outlined the typical financial planning journey our clients take. We may add or combine some of the meetings described to tailor our services to your needs.


1. Discovery

The initial meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other. It’s at our expense and without obligation; it’s simply an opportunity for us to find out whether we can help you. It also gives you a chance to evaluate if we are the right firm for you.

If you’re happy to proceed, we will agree the cost of our advice, discuss our ongoing service propositions and complete our Client Agreement for the work agreed.

Get organised

2. Get organised

The aim of the second meeting is to establish you and your family’s financial goals and objectives, as well as any specific financial planning requirements you may have. We will ask pertinent questions relating to your current and future financial needs.

We will also gather and organise all relevant personal information, including details of your existing finances, assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. Finally, we’ll discuss and establish your attitude and tolerance to investment risk. You can learn more about our investment philosophy here


3. Planning

We will then complete a comprehensive analysis of your existing finances. We’ll review and analyse all the information against your stated goals and objectives.

Next, we’ll complete research and analysis to identify appropriate financial solutions. As part of this process, we’ll create a Lifetime Financial Forecast of your wealth over your lifetime. This allows us to comprehensively stress test your situation and model various ‘what-if’ scenarios, using cashflow planning, to assess the potential impact of key events on your plans.


4. Strategy

We will then organise a meeting to explain, review and discuss your Lifetime Financial Forecast. Our recommendations will set out where you are now financially, what you would like to achieve and highlight any gaps that need to be filled to get to your goals.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We will only proceed to the implementation stage when you are completely happy with the solutions we have recommended.


5. Implementation

Once you have agreed with our recommendations, we will help you complete the relevant paperwork that comes with our recommended strategy.

We stay in touch to keep you up-to-date with our progress and ensure everything is implemented according to your wishes.

Lifetime support

6. Lifetime support

Typically, things will always change over time; whether it’s your own objectives, tax or legislation. Our experience shows that financial planning only works if you regularly review your circumstances.

Our ongoing service includes at least one annual face-to-face meeting with your Financial Planner, as well as regular reviews. We will continuously ensure you are on track to achieve your goals and ultimately live the life you want with freedom, confidence and peace of mind.

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