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We charge fair, fixed fees for our comprehensive lifestyle financial planning service, based entirely on the value we add

Simple, fair and straightforward fees

Dave and Lesley Evans - Confidence to leave the corporate world

Most financial advisers charge a percentage of the amount of money you initially invest with them, plus a further percentage-based charge for ongoing service. Consequently, the more you invest, the more you pay. It means their relationship is with your money and not with you.

We believe there’s a better way. One that’s fairer, simpler and more transparent.

That’s why our Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning Service has a fixed fee for both the initial and ongoing service. The amount you pay isn’t based on a percentage of the amount you invest, but on your unique needs, the complexity of your situation and the time involved in delivering our service.

REAL Financial Planning should not be confused or compared with traditional financial advice.

If you’re in any doubt that REAL Financial Planning changes lives, you can hear directly from our clients by watching the videos.

Our Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning Service

Our expert team will help you identify, secure and maintain your desired lifestyle without the fear of running out of money or dying with too much. We’ll give you the confidence, peace of mind and security to live the life you deserve while challenging your existing thinking about what’s possible. We’ll also be your sounding board whenever you need us, and there for you when life delivers the unexpected.

This starts with your ‘discovery’ meeting:

Discovery meeting

  • This meeting is at our cost and it’s where we start to understand more about you and your goals, aspirations and fears
  • This is also your opportunity to find out about us, how we work and how we may be able to help you. You can also ask us any questions you may have
  • By the end of this meeting, we will establish if we are the right fit for each other and agree on the next steps

If we decide to work with each other we will move on to the fact find stage of the process.

Initial fees

Our initial fees will be between £1,995* and £5,995*, and can include each stage (fact find, planning, implementation, and getting organised and planning ahead) of the Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning Service.

If we provide advice on Defined Benefit or Final Salary pensions this will incur a minimum additional charge of £3,000*.

The exact fee will depend on the complexity of your situation and the work involved. We’ll confirm the amount in writing before we begin work.

Fact find

  • We’ll discuss your financial goals and objectives
  • We’ll gather details of your existing finances, including your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure
  • We’ll establish your tolerance for risk and existing understanding of investment risks


Paul Walton - The confusing world of pensions

  • We’ll complete a comprehensive analysis of your existing finances, including your savings, investments, pensions, personal protection (life insurance, critical illness cover etc.) and tax planning arrangements
  • Next, we’ll analyse the information gathered and compare it against your stated objectives
  • We’ll then create a Lifetime Financial Plan of your wealth and stress test it, using various ‘what-if?’ scenarios to model the potential impact of possible events
  • Where necessary, we’ll complete research and analysis to identify appropriate plans and solutions
  • We’ll meet with you as many times as required to explain, review and discuss your Lifetime Financial Plan


  • We’ll provide a detailed personalised report and recommendations, including your Lifetime Financial Plan
  • There will also be a further face-to-face meeting to discuss our research, analysis and recommendations in detail
  • With your agreement, we’ll then implement our recommendations, processing the paperwork efficiently and providing you with updates at every stage

Getting organised and planning ahead

  • Once the implementation is complete, we’ll meet to review the paperwork you’ve received, answer any questions and reconfirm the ongoing service levels we’ve agreed
  • We’ll arrange access to our client portal, which provides up-to-date investment valuations, as well as secure document storage and messaging
  • We’ll also add all your important documents into your portal for secure filing
  • Finally, we’ll revisit your Lifestyle Financial Plan, answer any further questions you have and agree the frequency of our future meetings

Kim and Nick Timms - Retiring early

Ongoing services

All our clients receive ongoing investment management and at least one face-to-face planning meeting per year. However, we appreciate that everyone is unique. For example, you may prefer to meet more often or require meetings at your home or workplace. You might just need more ongoing support, or coordination with your other professional advisers such as accountants or solicitors.

That’s why we offer three different levels of ongoing support, allowing us to provide the most appropriate option based on the complexity of your personal situation and your needs.

Our Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning Service includes the following for every client:

  • At least one annual face-to-face meeting with your Financial Planner, in our offices, via video or at your home/workplace to review your Lifetime Financial Plan. Which includes a detailed review of your personal situation and your financial goals and objectives
  • A full review of your portfolio and the investment management strategy to ensure it remains aligned to your Lifetime Financial Plan. Including a review of your attitude to risk, tolerance for risk, investment objectives and capacity for loss
  • Coaching to prevent you from doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason
  • Unlimited access to your Financial Planner and team during business hours and between our face-to-face meetings
  • Information and updates regarding changes to legislation that may affect you including the ongoing use of tax planning opportunities
  • An assessment of the potential impact of key events on your plans, including contingency planning for unforeseen events and recommendations for changes as needed
  • An annual summary setting out the outcome of your review with confirmation of any recommended changes
  • Liaison with your other professional advisers, including solicitors and accountants

While every client receives the service detailed above, the exact level of support depends on the complexity of their financial situation.

The three levels of ongoing support are:

Tier 1: £295* per month (£3,540 per year)

  • For clients with straightforward financial planning needs
  • One review meeting per year
  • All meetings take place at our office or via video
  • Additional work could incur further ad-hoc fees

Read more about our clients, John and Jane, who receive this service.

Tier 2: £445* per month, our most popular service (£5,340 per year)

  • For clients with more complex financial planning needs
  • Two review meetings per year
  • Meetings take place at our office, via video, your home/place of work
  • Additional work is undertaken at no extra cost

Read more about our clients, Steve and Linda, who receive this service.

Tier 3: £695* per month (£8,340 per year)

  • For clients with sophisticated financial planning needs
  • A bespoke meeting schedule dictated by your needs
  • Meetings take place at our office, via video, your home/place of work
  • Additional work is undertaken at no extra cost

Read more about our clients, Tom and Hazel, who receive this service.

Examples of our fees

These are examples only and are dependent on your personal circumstances, the actual time spent and the complexity of the work involved.

John and Jane: Travelling the world

  • John and Jane were both 58-years-old when they came to us wanting to review their various pensions, including a workplace pension and a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) for John and smaller pensions for Jane
  • The total value of their pensions was approximately £400,000
  • They had further investments, including ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) and Investment Bonds
  • They loved to travel and wanted to understand whether their current financial situation would allow them to achieve their ambition of taking a big trip every two years

We completed a full review of their existing pensions and investments, then built a Lifetime Financial Plan. We then recommended a transfer of John’s SIPP into a new Personal Pension and aligned his investment portfolio to his Lifetime Financial Plan.

As a result, John moved to a four-day working week, giving him more time to enjoy his hobbies. Furthermore, he gained the confidence that he would be able to make the decision to fully retire on his terms and timescale.

We also established that John and Jane could indeed afford a ‘big trip’ every other year for the next ten years, enabling them to tick off a list of destinations. They started with Bali and are excited about working through their list.

Finally, they now have a structured annual review in place to ensure they remain on track to achieve all they want in retirement.

Initial fixed fee: £4,250

Ongoing Fixed Fee: £295 per month (£3,540 per year)

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)** shows that traditional financial advisers charge an initial fee of between 1% and 3% of the amount invested and an ongoing fee of between 0.5% and 1% of the assets they manage.

If John and Jane had seen a traditional adviser they might, therefore, have paid:

Initial fee: Between £4,000 and £12,000

Ongoing fee: Between £2,000 and £4,000

Steve and Linda: Helping a local business owner to retire

  • Steve owned a successful local business. He and Linda wanted to retire immediately after selling the business
  • Steve had a pension fund of £600,000 and Linda held £200,000 in hers
  • They have combined ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) savings of £100,000
  • They wanted to understand how their accumulated wealth, and proceeds from the business sale, could fund their retirement
  • Steve and Linda were very unclear as to how long their money would last based on some of their spending plans. This included home improvements, a new car and lots of travel
  • Steve and Linda had received financial advice in the past but had experienced limited ongoing service which was very much focused on their pension and ISAs
  • They also wanted to make regular gifts to their two children and four grandchildren while understanding the potential impact of Inheritance Tax (IHT)

We built Steve and Linda a Lifetime Financial Plan, which clearly showed they could retire and live the life that they wanted, without worrying about running out of money.

We then transferred their pension funds to more appropriate products, allowing them to access their funds as required, while aligning their investments to their risk tolerances and Lifetime Financial Plan.

We also built a programme of gifting to their children and grandchildren, while large unplanned gifts were also made to their children which allowed them to buy their homes. These gifts helped save IHT but, equally importantly, they gave Steve and Linda the satisfaction of seeing their family enjoy the gifts during their lifetime.

We agreed to meet twice a year at our office to ensure that they continue to have full confidence in ther retirement so that they could spend and enjoy their money with freedom. We also ensured their programme of gifting remained on track.

Initial fixed fee: £5,250

Ongoing Fixed Fee: £445 per month (£5,340 per year)

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)** shows that traditional financial advisers charge an initial fee of between 1% and 3% of the amount invested and an ongoing fee of between 0.5% and 1% of the assets they manage.

If Steve and Linda had seen a traditional adviser they might, therefore, have paid:

Initial fee: Between £9,000 and £27,000

Ongoing fee: Between £4,500 and £9,000

Tom and Hazel: Helping a senior executive with complex pensions

  • Tom was a board member of a global company, while Hazel was self-employed and ran her own business from home
  • Tom had numerous pensions from previous and current employment totalling £1.2 million
  • Tom and Hazel also had a combined investment portfolio, including ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), Collective Investment Accounts worth £800,000 and specialist EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and VCT (Venture Capital Trust) investments
  • Finally, they owned a portfolio of investment properties with mortgages and a very large main residence with an interest-only mortgage
  • Tom wanted to understand how the lifetime allowance affected his pensions, while they both wanted to establish a plan that would allow them to purchase first homes for all their children
  • Tom wanted all his professional advisers to work closely together and for his financial planner to coordinate this communication, to save him time. Hazel wanted to be more involved in their overall finances and to better understand how they could achieve their goals
  • They both ultimately wanted a clear plan for the future, so that they could secure their children’s future and enable Tom to retire with confidence

Working with their accountants and solicitors we gathered comprehensive information about Tom and Hazel’s personal finances.

We then built a Lifetime Financial Plan, allowing them to fully understand their financial future. This also allowed us to establish waysto mitigate the impact of lifetime allowance, a debt repayment strategy, and a long-term plan to help their children buy their first homes.

We arranged review meetings to fit Tom’s extremely busy schedule, in our offices and at their home. We spent considerable time with Tom and Hazel explaining the various planning options and established a clear strategy to enable Tom to retire confidently within the next five years. Tom is now planning to move into various non-executive director roles, providing additional income and the time both he and Hazel need to enjoy those things that are now on their bucket list.

Crucially, Hazel now has a very clear understanding of their overall finances and plans for the future. She also has a trusted team to call upon as their situation changes over time.

We are in constant contact throughout the year with Tom and Hazel, their accountant and their children, fielding various queries as their situation changes and questions arise.

We established a flexible review meeting structure that included three meetings either at our offices or their home. In addition we agreed to have ad hoc video calls due to Tom’s busy work schedule and changing financial circumstances. We agreed to coordinate all communications from their other professional advisers.

Tom and Hazel now have in place a bespoke ongoing review service that has been tailored to meet their individual needs. Tom now has more time to focus on his work and family life.

Initial fixed fee: £5,995

Ongoing Fixed Fee: £695 per month (£8,340 per year)

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)** shows that traditional financial advisers charge an initial fee of between 1% and 3% of the amount and invested and an ongoing fee of between 0.5% and 1% of the assets they manage.

If Tom and Hazel had seen a traditional adviser they might, therefore, have paid:

Initial fee: Between £20,000 and £60,000

Ongoing fee: Between £10,000 and £20,000


*Our fees are NOT subject to VAT

** FCA Data Bulletin Issue 7 (October 2017). Click here to read the full document.

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