Dave and Lesley Evans

Confidence to leave the corporate world

“They’ve given us confidence in our financial position to be able to do the things that we want to do.”

Dave: “I was leaving the corporate world and we realised that we needed some financial help. I don’t think we realised exactly what help we needed, but we needed some help with pension pots and investments. We started looking at various financial advisers that were fairly local because we wanted to be able to get to them, and we chose TFP.

Lesley: I think immediately, with TFP and with Casey, we felt that there was a rapport between us. We felt that Casey was genuinely interested and certainly had all the knowledge right at his fingertips.

Dave: Their starting point was trying to understand what we wanted to do over the next 20 years of our lives and then trying to work through a plan for us to achieve that. I think one of the real benefits that we’ve gained from them is they’ve given us confidence in our financial position to be able to do the things that we want to do.

Previous experiences we’ve had with financial advisers, for example, because we did have a financial adviser previously, we’d probably only see him once every five years. That doesn’t happen with TFP; you see them formally every six months without fail and go through everything associated with your future, which is a great service.

Lesley: Our sons have benefited from this as well. We gave them some money last year, whereas I think without TFP we would have thought “Well, can we afford to do that?”. The confidence that TFP have given us, looking at our overall picture, has allowed us to do that and we actually feel very pleased.

Dave: One of the important things for me is if they say they will do something, they do it. If they tell you, “we’ll call you next Monday”, with an answer on that, you’ll get the call on Monday. I don’t think they’ve ever not carried through something they said they would do.

Lesley: No, that’s completely true. And if you ring and leave a message or you email, the email is responded to very quickly.

Dave: I would wholeheartedly and have recommended TFP to friends and family. They’re not a company just to worry about individual financial advice; that’s a very narrow perspective. They provide a whole rounded service of financial planning and the financial advice is just part of that basket of tools that they have.”

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