Kim and Nick Timms

Retiring early

“Working with TFP has enabled us to have the confidence to spend.”

Kim: “We contacted TFP over 12 years ago now. It was when we were looking at pensions and things, and that was when we went with Ian. He came to the house, we went through all of our financials and he gave us some very good, reasoned advice, which investments to choose and what to put into the pension.

The advice we’ve had has been very good. The service we’ve had from them has been very professional, it’s been very easy and we’ve been going all that time, probably over the last ten years. We’ve had review meetings with him every six months where we go through the investments that we’ve made, how we should change, what our view of risk is and things like that. It’s been a good relationship; it’s worked very well.

So, we went back to Ian again, coming up to my reaching 55 – because that was another milestone when I hoped to retire – and we went through all the numbers and worked out, based on what we had and the investments, the property, the whole portfolio, that we could do that. Our life has changed since retiring.

Nick: Well, there’s the geographic change, moving from Chelmsford to the coast. It’s given us a lot more freedom.

Kim: And also the confidence that the finances that are in place will still be there. We’re not going to spend it all straight up front, it’s going to still be there and live with us for as long as we’re both around. The other major change is that we don’t save anymore: we spend. Which is a very strange thing to get your head around.

Working with TFP has enabled us to have the confidence to spend. What we had before was direct control, and what we have now is control through Ian to give us the best advice and then we can access the funds.

The ongoing relationship we have with them is very good. All the people that we deal with in the office, the girls on the phone when we ring up; everyone actually knows who you are, they know you on a first name basis. We get very friendly, helpful, professional, consistent and very reasoned advice. I think they know the markets very well; they know the products that they sell and put forward.

The best thing about working with TFP is having the confidence that they know what we want to do when we want to do it and how to meet those aims.”

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