Paul Walton

The confusing world of pensions

“They’ve made a dream of retiring early come to fruition for me.”

Paul: “The reason why I started using a financial adviser was the confusing world of pensions and trying to find somewhere where there’s some layman’s language that you can understand. It just seemed easier to get an independent party.

We deal primarily with Casey. From the off, you don’t get the impression that he’s in there for the hard sell. He takes an interest in you and I don’t think he’s just doing that as something he has to do; I think he genuinely likes people.

I’ve now taken early retirement. Never in my own imagination did I think I would retire at 59. I didn’t want to work until I was 66, when the State Pension comes in. I remember that one particular meeting we had with Casey, Mary and I – he got some figures, and because one particular pension plan he said, “well, you can take 25% of that tax-free and you can do this and that with it” and it literally was – wow! I just couldn’t believe it. I said, “did I hear him right?”. We could do it. That sudden realisation, that lightbulb moment – wow.

Because I’m not earning the salary I was, doesn’t mean I need to look round each corner for where the next penny is coming from. That’s been really helpful. I’m just integrating myself into not working. I’m out dog walking, cycling and doing some voluntary work. I’m just doing it one stage at a time and easing myself into what is reaching utopia really.

Since I retired, we’ve done visits to the office rather than home visits. So, we met more of the office staff. They’re very approachable and they’ve got a good set up there. I just like the team.

Would I recommend TFP? Yes, I would, because I’ve already done it. The best thing about working for TFP is that partnership. They’ve made a dream of retiring early come to fruition for me.

They’ve given me the benefit of giving me my income each month, if I fancy a new car and some holidays.

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