Ron Olivier

A retirement plan that works

“The process has allowed me to do the things I want to do at the time when I can still do them.”

Ron: “I was getting to a stage at the end of my career where I thought, we need to start thinking about retirement. Although I’d been contributing to retirement pots, I really didn’t know what to do: I didn’t know what was possible and I didn’t know how to transfer it.

I also know the advice you get when you do think about retirement is to get a financial adviser and get a proper financial adviser. It came down to personalities; I saw three or four of them and the interview I had with them, all of them I had half an hour, three quarters of an hour interview, and with all of them I walked away thinking we just didn’t gel; something about their style, something about the way they approached the problem, something in the way they didn’t always listen to what I was saying. They very much just followed their own agenda. I didn’t really have that with my financial adviser Casey.

We kind of gelled from the first moment. He listened, he seemed to understand what I was saying, he seemed to answer the questions I had.

You build up a feeling of trust. You build up a feeling of “yes, this is the right person I want to deal with” and it was actually great working with TFP. They could guide me and say “look, these are the sort of assumptions you could be making in trying to figure out how large your pot should be, whether you can retire now, whether you can retire later”. So, it has allowed me to do the things I want to do at the time when I can still do them.

Future wise, I’m an enthusiastic sailor – maybe not a very good sailor – I have a sailboat and I’ve got plans to sail around the UK this summer. That will take a number of months, I can’t do that when I’m working, so the retirement has given me the time to go and do stuff that I would like to do and my wife and I would like to do.

They’ve given me a plan which works. We put it together in a prudent fashion and it showed us that yes, you can stop working, yes, you can start doing some of this stuff, you’ll be alright for the rest of your life. What was the best thing about working with TFP? Their professionalism, their personal approach, they very much tailoring the product to your needs, their ability to listen and to form plans that suit your goals and your timescales.”

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