How we invest your money

Guided by empirical evidence and based on Nobel Prize winning academic research, we take a low-cost, scientific approach to managing your money.

PortfolioGPS is our in house discretionary investment strategy that is guided by over a hundred years of empirical data, based on decades of academic research by renowned economists and follows the practices of leading institutional investors.

PortfolioGPS portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis by our dedicated and experienced team of internal and external professionals and are designed to deliver disciplined, low cost, long-term outperformance which allows us to grow and protect your wealth according to your needs and objectives.

Within PortfolioGPS, we have a range of portfolios that have expected returns based on the risk taken, the academic research and the historical returns they have demonstrated over the last 100+ years. We use these expected returns of the portfolio over certain periods to enable us to build realistic and evidence based investment strategies that are based on your unique financial goals.

Our investment beliefs are as follows:


Before we invest your money, we always create a lifetime financial plan and establish your clear individual investment goals which are reviewed on a regular basis.


Invest in a globally diversified portfolio of equities and bonds, getting the balance right for you.


We can’t control what happens in the markets, but we can control what you pay to invest. Minimising costs can play a key role in helping you achieve your goals.


Construct an investment strategy that is reviewed, monitored and rebalanced; keeping you on track by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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