Our investment philosophy

We adhere to a distinctive investment philosophy known as Evidence-Based Investing

In times of market upheaval and through the dark of uncertainty, our investment philosophy enables us to control your emotions, shut out the noise and focus on the things that really matter to you over the long term.

Deciding on which exact investments to use is a process, which begins with having a clear lifetime financial plan, establishing your investment goals and managing the risk and return required.

To do this, we invest via a strategic asset allocation using the major global liquid asset classes of equities and bonds. This allows us to use a risk-adjusted range of portfolios, with options to match the risk tolerances of our clients.

Typically, the higher the tolerance for investment risk which a client displays, the higher the allocation to global equities they could potentially withstand.

Conversely, the lower the tolerance, the higher allocation to fixed interest securities. This strategic asset allocation determines the overall volatility of the portfolio.

Ultimately your investment portfolio will depend on the investment goals we establish in creating your lifetime financial plan and your willingness, need and ability to take investment risk.

Our investment beliefs are as follows:


Before we invest your money, we always create a lifetime financial plan and establish your clear individual investment goals which are reviewed on a regular basis.


Invest in a globally diversified portfolio of equities and bonds, getting the balance right for you.


We can’t control what happens in the markets, but we can control what you pay to invest. Minimising costs can play a key role in helping you achieve your goals.


Construct an investment strategy that is reviewed, monitored and rebalanced; keeping you on track by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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