Your WealthGPS

Your guides through retirement

You wouldn’t set out on a journey without directions…

…so why would you set out on your financial journey without Your WealthGPS?

WealthGPS is your journey which has been purposefully designed to ensure that your financial plans are fully aligned to your most deeply held values and help you achieve your life goals.

WealthGPS creates an actionable plan, which allows us to work in partnership with you, your family and your other professional advisers to give you confidence over your finances and peace of mind that you have a team by your side to help navigate life.

Below we have outlined Your WealthGPS Journey

Your Financial Roadmap

1. Your Financial Roadmap

Your Financial Roadmap meeting is at our expense and without obligation. It is a chance for us to know exactly what is most important to you, enabling us to truly understand your values and goals as well as your current financial reality.

Your Financial Roadmap is a physical document that you will take away with you regardless of if you become a client or not. If at the end of the meeting we agree that we are a right fit for each other, we will invite you to become part of our client community.

Book Your Financial Roadmap Meeting

If you’re happy to proceed, we will agree the cost of our work and complete our client agreement. We will send out our planning proposal post meeting.

Get Organised

2. Get Organised

During this meeting we will dig deeper into the specifics around your current financial and personal situation.

We will gather information such as: Assets, liabilities, income and expenditure as well as your willingness to take on investment risk. You will gain access to our digital portal, allowing you to contact us securely as well as store all of your personal documents.


3. Planning

Our planning meeting is exciting, thought-provoking and collaborative as this is the first time that you will see what life is like and what could be possible. During this meeting we will look at your Lifetime Financial Plan, historic stress testing and ‘what if?’ scenarios.

We will populate your timeline with your wants, needs, desires and establish how much is enough, as well as explore your window of spending opportunity.

You will leave this meeting with a clearer sense of what is possible, the direction that you want to head in and the things that you really want to do along the way.


4. Strategy

In this meeting we will explain, review and discuss your Lifetime Financial Forecast.

Our initial recommendations will set out where you are now financially, what you would like to achieve and highlight any gaps that need to be filled to achieve your goals and objectives.

You’ve punched in the destination, in this meeting we will show you how to stay on track.


5. Implementation

We will work with you to bring your financial plan to life by implementing your plans and strategies we have worked together on.

We will discuss our recommendations, ensure your understanding and sign all paperwork which ensures that your lifestyle choices are underpinned by your financial affairs.

The team will ensure all recommendations are implemented in a timely manner and continue to be in touch along the way.

Ongoing Planning

6. Ongoing Planning

We will arrange a forward planning meeting with you at least annually to discuss your financial and life plans, and make any relevant changes along the way.

Although we have set you on your journey, as you well know, it is often that you will need to course correct, and we will be here to help you navigate this and manage the changing landscape.

As part of our ongoing service, you will get…

  • Unlimited access to the TFP team
  • Face to face forward planning meetings
  • Portfolio management
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Management of your income strategies
  • Liaising with your other professional advisers (accountants and solicitors)
  • Tax planning
  • Estate and legacy planning
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